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Here you will find various programs I have written over the years and decided to release. They are for a selection of platforms, although in most cases they are cross-platform. Visit the individual pages to find out details.

Mono/.NET software

These programs have all been tested using both Windows & Mono under Linux, and are all intended to be cross-platform.
d'Hondt PR Calculator
Calculates election results based on the d'Hondt seat allocation formula. Since extended to include web-based versions.
SprigFern puzzle solver
A program written to create & solve Futoshiki number puzzles.
IconSharp Icon editor
Icon editor

Mobile software

Stopwatch utility I wrote because my WindowsCE (aka Windows Mobile) mobile phone did not include a decent timing program. Aimed at Windows Mobile v6.x, but should also work with earlier variants such as PocketPC 2003/v5.x

Server software

Server Side Includes file parser. Written in C.

No longer maintained

These are projects I consider abandoned because I no longer have any interest in their original objective, and if I was to regain such interest I would most likely rewrite them from scratch. They are included here for historical reasons only.
Front-end for editing Lighttpd config files. Written in Python using wxPython.
Assign aliases (e.g. rev-2.4b) to Subversion revision numbers. Written using Python.


I can be emailed at remy.horton (at), although these days I tend not to use e-mail and as a result only check my account occasionally.